Payment Info

We are contracted with some insurance companies and require our patients to confirm coverage with our physicians prior to scheduling appointments with us. Dr. Riley’s legal name is Mary Riley, so if you are looking for naturopathic coverage for care with her, please search for this name. Below is a list summarizing our contracts with insurance companies but please know that THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL HAVE COVERAGE UNLESS YOU CONFIRM THIS WITH YOUR PLAN. We do not carry responsibility for your insurance coverage.

We are contracted/ in-network with Regence and Premera.
We are contracted/ in-network with most plans on First Choice and some plans with Kaiser.
Dr. Riley is contracted/ in-network with Cigna.

Dr. Wood is in network with Premera, Aetna, and Coordinated Care.  She can see patients who are insured by Regence.
Dr. Wood is in the process of becoming involved in Apple Care/State Insurance, but for now will offer reduced rates for those with Apple Care Molina.

Dr. Riley is not contracted/ in-network with Aetna or United. WE DO NOT BILL AETNA OR UNITED.

Our Cash Fees are as Follows unless otherwise discussed with our physicians.
First Office Visits: $285
Follow up Visits: $125