Laboratory Testing

We provide extensive laboratory testing to accurately evaluate the cause of symptoms. Depending on the needs of the patient we may test blood/serum, skin, saliva, hair, urine, stool and/or other bodily fluids. The results of these tests often indicate the most appropriate method of treatment.

Extensive Intake Interviews

The first visit with our physicians is usually one hour long. Getting to know patients well enough to treat them involves understanding them on many levels, so patients should expect to be asked many questions when they visit us.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Include Nutrition, diet and lifestyle assessments that are tailored to each individual’s needs.

Nutritional and Herbal Medicine

In addition to many dietary and lifestyle recommendations, we also often prescribe supplements that may be vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations and other naturally derived substances. We do this to correct nutritional deficiencies and help our patients achieve wellness.

Preventative visits and check ups for men, women and children ages 1 to 100

We also provide treatment or triage of a wide variety of medical conditions. For a partial list, click HERE.

Nutritional Supplement Dispensary

We hand-pick each product in our dispensary based on standards higher than those required for most over-the-counter supplement companies. We carry Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Herbal singles and combinations, Essential Fatty Acids and a wide variety of other products. We take pride in the products that we carry, and are continuously updating our stock according to the most recent research and experience of our colleagues.

Physical Medicine

Our physical medicine services offer many opportunities to improve your well-being. Treatments can be tailored to decrease anxiety, aid in recovery from your injuries such as muscle strains, arthritic and other types of pain, as well as facilitate detoxification and immune support.

Treatments offered include applications of hot and cold water to promote circulation, various soft-tissue manipulation, muscle-stretching, cranio-sacral, and manipulation of the spine and extremities. We provide colon hydrotherapy for detoxification programs and general wellness.

Initial physical medicine appointments typically last for one hour, and follow-up office calls range from 15 minutes to one hour.

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