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Mysteries of the Middle-Aged Female Metabolism

I bet you thought there would be a pill for this.  A natural product, perhaps? Just take one per day and you will look ripped and have an automatic spray tan? I think you know by now that I am not the person who is going  to sell you that. Anyone who tries...

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Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention is Just a Healthy Lifestyle... The longer I practice medicine, the more often I return to the basics. Regardless of a patient’s diagnosis, the foundations of health are always going to help someone feel better. Sleep, healthy food, moderate...

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Are You a Horse or a Zebra?

I have always been a slightly unconventional thinker. It doesn’t always serve me, and there are times when I have lost sleep recounting something I have said that might have offended, or an opinion I might have stated too strongly.This way of thinking does serve me,...

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Why Does Exercise Help with Digestion?

Today I had a patient with gastritis (irritated stomach lining) and acid reflux (heartburn) who came to me on an antacid medication that was no longer working for her. My first question for her was: what do you do for stress relief? Like many other people who are...

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Fiber- I’m Bound to Tell You All About It

It is a running joke in my family that I talk about poop too much. Though I spend half of my waking hours asking my two kids to stop talking about their butts, and to put their penises back into their pants, I secretly have the sense of humor of an 11-year-old boy....

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