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Medication Refills

If you need refills on medications, please allow 48-72 BUSINESS HOURS for completion. If you are out of your medication, please ask your pharmacy for an emergency fill. Always ask your pharmacy to fax us a refill request to 888-977-3092.

We cannot fill medications at pharmacies that are not in the state of Washington.

If you have run out of refills this is likely because you are due for a follow up and/or bloodwork. Please call the office to get scheduled for a visit if it has been at least six months since your last visit. If you do NOT need a follow up appointment, our physicians will let you know. For thyroid medications and testosterone prescriptions, we do require bloodwork every six months for refills, which is standard of care. For other hormone prescriptions we often require bloodwork at least once yearly.

We require regular follow up visits for our patients requiring pharmaceutical refills for your safety.

Schedule Follow Up

Our goal as physicians is to provide you with the highest quality care possible. This demands that we value our time and yours, and as such we do ask patients to schedule follow-up visits when indicated. Because we value our time and yours, we do charge for email and phone contact that is not associated with a previously-addressed issue or concern.

If you need to contact your physician, please either email or call and understand that it takes 24-48 hours minimum for us to respond to your request. If this is an urgent medical need, please alert our staff when you call.

New Health Concerns

New health concerns, or concerns that have not previously been addressed during a visit, require a follow-up appointment.

  • When to schedule a follow up: if you have an issue that has not been previously addressed in a visit, or you have been asked to schedule a follow up, then please either call or click here (schedule an appointment tab) to get scheduled.
  • If you would like to schedule an email consult or a phone consult to discuss these issues, please know that there is a fee associated with these encounters. Phone consults are $95, and email consults are $35.
  • If one of our physicians has emailed you to ask a question or check in, this is not associated with a fee. But if there are multiple concerns that need to be addressed either by phone or email, our physicians will ask you to please schedule a consult so that they can be addressed in a thorough manner.

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